On the rise in the value of gold per ounce. Gold is one of the most important tools used by investors and traders to work in the financial markets. Why is this so? For many centuries, gold has been the measure of money - a value that is understandable as the equivalent of “eternal” money. Gold is an asset that is virtually long-lived, without a significant deterioration in quality over time. Perhaps that is why it can really be considered a safe haven.

Invest The main and incomparable advantage of gold investment is the fact that these deposits allow you to save investment even with high inflation. World statistics show that the dynamics of the gold exchange rate does not depend heavily on the mining industry. If in 2001, an ounce of gold was asked for $ 272, then in 2020, the cost increased to $ 1,756.

Experienced investors in an unstable political and economic situation prefer to invest in gold, which acts as a protective asset. Based on this, we suggest increasing your capital by investing in gold.